Thanks to reviewers

Thank you to these colleagues who shared their expertise to improve preprints submitted to PCI Archaeology

Reviewers for recommendations published in 2020:

Alan Outram

Andreas Maier

Antony Borel

David Hérisson

Delphine Vettese

Enza Elena Spinapolice

Francesco d'Errico

Georges Abou Diwan

João Marreiros

Kathryn Ranhorn

Thierry Argant

Terry O'Connor

+ a few anonymous reviewers

Reviewers for recommendations published in 2021:

Ana Abrunhosa

Andrea Squitieri

Antony Borel

Arnau Garcia-Molsosa

Atefe Shekofte

Birgül Ogüt

Clarissa Belardelli

Delphine Vettese

Gabriele Luigi Francesco Berruti

Jarod Hutson

Li-Ying Wang

Matthew Peeples

Robert Bischoff

Stefano Costa

+ a few anonymous reviewers