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CORPUS NUMMORUM – A Digital Research Infrastructure for Ancient Coinsuse asterix (*) to get italics
Ulrike Peter, Claus Franke, Jan Köster, Karsten Tolle, Sebastian Gampe, Vladimir F. StolbaPlease use the format "First name initials family name" as in "Marie S. Curie, Niels H. D. Bohr, Albert Einstein, John R. R. Tolkien, Donna T. Strickland"
<p>CORPUS NUMMORUM indexes ancient Greek coins from various landscapes and develops typologies. The coins and coin types are published on the multilingual website utilizing numismatic authority data and adhering to FAIR principles. As an integral part of the project, the CN Editor has been developed as a multifunctional web app capable of managing the project's data entry workflow. It offers extensive search functions and various evaluation options. This open-source tool has a modular structure, allowing for swift extensions with new functions or adaptation to other object types, making it appealing for projects beyond the field of numismatics.</p> should fill this box only if you chose 'All or part of the results presented in this preprint are based on data'. URL must start with http:// or https:// should fill this box only if you chose 'Scripts were used to obtain or analyze the results'. URL must start with http:// or https:// should fill this box only if you chose 'Codes have been used in this study'. URL must start with http:// or https://
numismatics, ancient Greek coins, typologies, versioning system
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Antiquity, Classic
Moritz Mennenga, Lower Saxony Institute for Historical Coastal Research, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Ronald Visser, M.A., Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deventer, Netherlands, Brigit Danthine, M.A., Austrian Archaeological Institute (Austrian Academy of Science), Florian Thiery, M.Sc., Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz, Germany, Ethan Gruber [] suggested: Since I am on the Nomisma scientific committee with two of the authors, I'm too closely related to this project, especially since I have been aware of it for a long time. I would find reviewers either outside of numismatics entirely, or who are working in digital numismatics but not so closely within the scientific committee. Try Mark Pyzyk ( or Simon Glenn (, David Wigg-Wolf suggested: Hi Ronald,, David Wigg-Wolf suggested: Sorry, but I work too closely with these guys. I suggest Prof. Andrew Meadows (Oxford University: or Dr Karsten Dahmen (Coin Cabinet Berlin:, David Wigg-Wolf suggested: Best, David Wigg-Wolf suggested: David, Sophie C. Schmidt suggested: Florian Thiery, Sophie C. Schmidt suggested: Bernhard Weisser No need for them to be recommenders of PCIArchaeology. Please do not suggest reviewers for whom there might be a conflict of interest. Reviewers are not allowed to review preprints written by close colleagues (with whom they have published in the last four years, with whom they have received joint funding in the last four years, or with whom they are currently writing a manuscript, or submitting a grant proposal), or by family members, friends, or anyone for whom bias might affect the nature of the review - see the code of conduct
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